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  • 16.5m long articulated vehicle

  • Twin full-length expanding sides

  • Air-conditioning


  • 32 tonnes


  • 1x 125 amp 3P (three phase) c-form; or

  • 2 x 125 amp 3P (three phase) c-form with tech/utility split

In order to remain competitive in the HD marketplace Arena has created OB17 (and OB18) to keep its HD fleet fully up-to-date. Primarily operating in HD-SDI SDR and HDR, with Quad HD as an option. They offer clients a state-of-the art OB truck whilst ensuring the competitive price point of an primarily SDI infrastructure. An IP layer has been woven into the fabric of the truck in key areas to add extra flexibility. One of Europe's largest and most capable HD trucks. OB17 was designed without any budgetary compromise, and features top of the range equipment, from the World's best manufacturers.

Spacious and capable.

Units 8, 9, 10, 11, 17 & 18 are all broadly similar to each other in terms of specification and design. The main difference being in the bias of the Production gallery with the VT area. OB17 has a three tier Production area seating 14, and a large VT area seating 7 (including a Tape Director's position).

The vehicles are built to the maximum length permissible under European legislation. Both sides fully expand along the whole length of the units, to provide a massive amount of internal space. This is further enhanced by utilisation of flat screen monitoring throughout the truck.


OB Trucks 2014_OB8.png